Zanna Designs is an independent lighting consultancy; we design innovative and inspirational lighting schemes for both residential and commercial properties.
Mery Zanutto, Senior Lighting Designer, gained her Professional Diploma from the KlC School of Design in Chelsea Harbour, London. Her Bachelor of Science in Health Studies was particularly important in highlighting  the link between light, health and mood.

Successful lighting provides a sense of well-being. We respond to light in an emotional way.  It is essential, when planning a design, to take into account the physical as well as psychological impact of lighting. Skilful application of light can, more than any other element affect our mood. In certain circumstances lighting design will determine the ambiance. A flexible lighting plan with scene settings may alter the atmosphere of the space, from stimulating and energetic, with bright highly accented illumination, to restful and calming, with diffuse low level lighting.

In the hands of an expert, lighting  can be an art form. With an understanding of the light, both natural and artificial, a room becomes a beautiful place to be.